There are over 1000 ways to use Henry’s Humdingers.

When people sample our flavors, they often say things like “Wow! This really good” and “I’ve never tasted anything like that.”. But what I hear the most is “How would I use this?”

This is why my family and friends who have cooked with Henry’s Humdingers have put together same of our recipes. Once you see some of these ideas, I swear that you will come up with several of your own.

If you have any real winners, I hope you send them to me so I can include them in them in the next edition of my Henry’s Humdingers Recipe Book. In the meantime, please enjoy some of our early favorites.

Let me tell you, once you start using Henry’s Humdingers you won’t be able to stop.

You can download The Clever Cook’s Secret Ingredient HERE!

Mega Shark Tank Special

For a limited time take advantage of my MEGA Shark Tank Special! If you like to cook with Humdingers then this is the one for you! In one box you get 5 of my flavors: Grumpy Grandpa – a savory garlic & cayenne, Naughty Nana – a mild ginger & pepper, Hanky Panky – a yummy vanilla and nutmeg blend, Mama Drama- a smokey chipotle & cinnamon & Diabolical Dad – a zippy habanero & lime in the larger 13 ounce size. I promise you won’t be disappointed. They all go great with different things from salad dressings to pork chops and bundt cake. Check out my downloadable cookbook for ideas. Now for only $48.95 – this includes free shipping!

Humdinger of a Party Favor

Our delightful 2 ounce jars will make any table look sweet. Henry’s Humdingers gourmet honey is much, much, more than just honey. All four amazing flavors and are fantastic over brie. You can put them in lemonade or hot chocolate for something really special. Of course, in larger sizes they’re delicious in recipes, but these cute little ones are just perfect over fruit, cornbread, sauteed with shrimp or just a bagel and cream cheese.



I was worried about the ‘hot’ spices in Naughty Nana and Grumpy Grandpa. I hate hot spices. WOW! This really isn’t that hot. Beautiful combination with the honey. I love the texture of the honey. It is not running all over the place. Thank you for that! OK, I have a meatloaf with Grumpy Grandpa and I am going to go for Naughty Nana on my roasted asparagus. By the spoon, they are SO GOOD! i haven’t used the plain yet! I love the spiced. I put the Hanky Panky on toast and it was really wonderful. I would like to see a variety of choices with the spices. Not sure if that is practical when manufacturing, but just a thought. Thank you for a really unique and yummy product.


Kudos to Henry! This honey is deliciously succulent. I love all of the flavors, but especially favor the peppery bite of Grumpy Grandpa. . Hanky Panky stands well on its own, as the subtle nuance of the French vanilla shines through. This is an unexpected, absolutely delicious assortment of honey that pleasantly pleases the palate. If like me, you love pepper, garlic, vanilla and nutmeg, this is the honey for you to enjoy. If you are not a big fan of spice, this is not for you. I highly recommend this tantalizing, tasty flavor sensation.

Love, love, love this honey

Saw Henry on Shark Tank and then on QVC. I bought honey for me and for friends. I love the sweet ones in my tea and the savory ones with chicken and pork chops. I have not made the meatloaf yet from Henry’s cookbook. Sometimes. I just eat a spoonful as a little pick me up. I see honeys in shops that cost much more and aren’t as good. Bring Henry back with more flavors perhaps for a today’s special. 5 stars, well deserved.

The Best Honey I’ve Eaten

WOW. What an unexpected surprise this product has turned out to be for my recipes. I’m using it to update my meals with a new level of flavors. My favorite so far is using it in my grilled cheese sandwiches. Grumpy Grandpa in a grilled mozzarella sandwich with fresh basil and tomato slices has elevated the taste. Loved this so much I went to Henry Humdinger website and ordered more flavors. Thanks for bringing to QVC.