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The Clever Cook’s Secret Ingredient

So it all started one day when my mom I got on a plane and I happened to sit next to this beekeeper. He told me about the magical world of bees. Telling me about Colony Collapse Disorder. I learned humans couldn’t live much more than seven years if bees disappeared. We wouldn’t have enough food because the bees wouldn’t be there to pollinate the corn or the wheat or even tomatoes. OK, so I don’t really like tomatoes, but I know we need them for stuff like pizza. At the end of the flight my mom said we could get a bee hive for my birthday. You see, I realized the bees needed a hero. So I decided to start my own company – that was when I turned twelve.

Now I’m eighteen, a freshman at Washington State University (Go Cougs!) Since then, I was offered twice what I was asking for by Mark and Robert on ABC’s Shark Tank (the deal did not go through so we remain a family business). I’ve also been on QVC, The Young Icons, OK! and the new series Hatched on the CW. I’ve won top new products at Expo West as well as Young Entrepreneur. I’ve been lucky enough to a guest on some of the radio’s top programs and have been featured in various magazines as well as countless blogs. And I’m proud to say my reviews across the board – are awesome!

Henry’s Humdingers are unique, I have five flavors ranging from sweet to spicy. I actually developed them to be an ingredient in recipes or as a spread, sauce or marinade. Literally you can use them in thousands of ways. When I first started, people thought I was crazy – no one had ever really heard of putting spices in honey. However, because I liked to cook I thought it was a natural. So many recipes call for honey, but you need a lot of time and a closet full of spices. I thought this was a great short-cut for the busy cook. You can just put one of my flavors on a chicken and bake it. My aunt calls it easy dinner. Or pour some over any vegetable. Shmear it on a bagel with cream cheese or pair it with brie for an amazing appetizer.

Of course, when you come up with a good thing, others will start to copy you, but that’s OK – I’m pretty confident my complex flavors will stand the test. So f you’re interested in trying some of my products, but don’t know where to begin, you can go to my recipe section and get some ideas on how to get started.

Did you know only the old bees collect pollen? I love bees and all the good they do and it makes me crazy to think about all the bad things happening to them. I started this to help save my furry little friends so I am donating part of what I make to preserving honey bees.