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Now you can download your very own cookbook,
The Clever Cook's Secret Ingredient",
with all the recipes I have collected (so far).
Just click here and begin cooking with a kick.


Peppery Peanut Sauce
Blazing Barbecue Sauce
Jazz it up! Pizza Sauce
Phebelish Mustard
Jazzin' Baby Pepper Sauce
Sweet & Spicy Glaze
Fierce Adobo Sauce
Phoebe's Phabulous Marinade
Nana's Bit of Bourbon
Zippy Zydeco Barbeque Sauce

Nana's Vinaigrette
Peppery Peanut Dressing

Icarus Chicken Wings
Heaven and Hellfire Cheescake
Sweet and Spicy Chex Mix
Oh-So-Special Spiced Cider
Fire and Ice Cream
Hot Tempered Treat
Nana's Chicken Wings
Sweet 'n' Salty Sizzlin' Popcorn
Phoebe's Sinful Sauce
Sweet 'n' Fiery Baklava
Phoebe's Phantastic Phirey Butter
Fierce Fire Roasted Peanuts
Tropical Heat Wave -
Almond Alert -snack mix

Main Dish
One Grumpy Fish Taco
Phoebe's Fiery Shrimp
Slightly Naughty Noodles
Spunky Shrimp
Skewered Blazing Beef Strips
Spiffy and Simple Chicken Wraps
Spirited Stir Fry
Grumpy Grandpa's Grilled & Glazed Chicken
Grandpa's Special Spicy Chicken
Peppery Pork Roast
Szechuan Spiced Chicken
Henry's Hot as Hell Chicken
Sassy Scallops

Sizzlin' Squash
Red Hot Grilled Tofu
Racy Roasted Cauliflower
Tantalizing Tomato Chutney
Phebezilla's Steamed Vegetables & Secret Sauce
Grandpa Goes GreenĀ 

Blazing Bacon
Nana's Pumpkin Waffles

Henry's Hot as Hell Chicken Salad
Nana's Asian Style Pasta Salad
Phoebe's Snappy Spinach Salad