Grumpy Grandpa rocks!

Posted by darci 09-30-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5
Love the grumpy grandpa! I made the meatloaf and my husband loved it. It does have a kick to it, but we love spicy food. Looking forward to using the other flavors.

Rosemarie Grota Heroux 5 starI made Naughty and Nice Chicken and Rice for dinner tonight, my family loved it! My son commented that he would like the sauce and rice as just a snack! Will definitely make this again. I also used some Nudie Cutie in my organic tea and it was the perfect amount of sweetness. Looking forward to trying more of the recipes, thanks for the yummy honey!


Posted by ZuzuLily 10-11-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5
I was worried about the ‘hot’ spices in Naughty Nana and Grumpy Grandpa. I hate hot spices. WOW! This really isn’t that hot. Beautiful combination with the honey. I love the texture of the honey. It is not running all over the place. Thank you for that! OK, I have a meatloaf with Grumpy Grandpa and I am going to go for Naughty Nana on my roasted asparagus. By the spoon, they are SO GOOD! i haven’t used the plain yet! I love the spiced. I put the Hanky Panky on toast and it was really wonderful. I would like to see a variety of choices with the spices. Not sure if that is practical when manufacturing, but just a thought. Thank you for a really unique and yummy product.


Overall Rating

5 out of 5

Posted by Sandy Sparkles 09-29-15

Kudos to Henry! This honey is deliciously succulent. I love all of the flavors, but especially favor the peppery bite of Grumpy Grandpa. . Hanky Panky stands well on its own, as the subtle nuance of the French vanilla shines through. This is an unexpected, absolutely delicious assortment of honey that pleasantly pleases the palate. If like me, you love pepper, garlic, vanilla and nutmeg, this is the honey for you to enjoy. If you are not a big fan of spice, this is not for you. I highly recommend this tantalizing, tasty flavor sensation.

Elizabeth Mullins

5 starI just saw Henry on Shark Tank tonight so I had never heard about this company before. I love honey and I am very interested in and concerned about the rapid decline in the very important to all life bee population. There are a couple flavors that I am interested in trying, so I cannot comment on any–yet! I hope to try some soon and I will comment then.

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Love, love, love this honey

Posted by Farawaygrandma 10-02-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5

Saw Henry on Shark Tank and then on QVC. I bought honey for me and for friends. I love the sweet ones in my tea and the savory ones with chicken and pork chops. I have not made the meatloaf yet from Henry’s cookbook. Sometimes. I just eat a spoonful as a little pick me up. I see honeys in shops that cost much more and aren’t as good. Bring Henry back with more flavors perhaps for a today’s special. 5 stars, well deserved.

The Best Honey I’ve Eaten

Posted by Dittle 10-03-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5

WOW. What an unexpected surprise this product has turned out to be for my recipes. I’m using it to update my meals with a new level of flavors. My favorite so far is using it in my grilled cheese sandwiches. Grumpy Grandpa in a grilled mozzarella sandwich with fresh basil and tomato slices has elevated the taste. Loved this so much I went to Henry Humdinger website and ordered more flavors. Thanks for bringing to QVC.

Who knew????

Posted by Tiff34 10-08-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5
OMGoooody! Much better than I expected. I’ve been eating this stuff everyday since it arrived in cream cheese as a dip, as a chicken marinade and in tea! I love the way the spices blend together just right! I hope they have another sale on this one because I want to get some for christmas gifts. Sorry, I love it too much to share this batch lol!!!!

Karen Beber

5 starJust made coleslaw using Diabolical Dad – from the recipe that came with my order. WOW!
LOVE IT! Delicious and goes with just about everything! Can’t wait to try more.
Well done, Henry!


Posted by Doorcounty 09-29-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5
I JUST RECEIVED MY HONEY TODAY, (FAST), AND HAVE ONLY TRIED THE HANKY PANKY. I AM NOT A REAL HONEY LOVER, but the spices kick this honey up several notches! Love it. Continued success in your honey adventures Henry! You’ve got a great product. Also it was wrapped very well, without tons of excess packaging. Would order again.

Winston Crutchfield

5 starI’m searching for new ways to eat this honey, but I don’t know if I’ll have any left after I’m done slathering it on toast and cream cheese…. Must order more!

Jessie Go

5 starSo…I don’t cook much. I had some leftover wings (I always get them sauceless). I just warmed up the wings and coated them with your honey. Wow! Delicious! They were the perfect substitute for wing sauce.

Riccini Bivosa

5 starThis guys condiments are nothing short of phenomenal. I’ve been a diehard – repeat customer since seeing him on Shark Tank and trying his product. Delicious!

Best honey ever

Posted by Pre 07-02-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5
I received this marvelous honey as a gift and love love loved it!!! I had wanted to try this unique honey after seeing Henry on Shark Tank – such a remarkable young entrepreneur! Truly so. While I am a far cry from a great cook by any stretch of the imagination, I did pull off some tasty dishes! I drizzled the honey over baked Brie and made a fruit pizza with it. Pasta is a perfect dish to jazz up with Henry’s honey and hot peppers. The honey compliments the kick of hot peppers. I will be trying it on fish tacos next and in salad dressings to add a little sweetness and pizazz. I like the idea of using it in tea/coffee too. Much better than chemical sweeteners. I did use about 1/2 jar on the fruit pizza so probably should have bought more. My shipment comes next week and I cannot wait. I should have bought more to have on hand for hostess gifts vs the bottle of wine… So I will get more at QVC and also ask my grocer to start stocking it

Jenn Schubeck

5 starGet some! Best cooking honey anywhere!!
Take a taste, unique flavored honey. Great to cook with, dress your honey, mild sweet on fresh fruit. Support a local startup business while enjoying a super treat.

Blake Smith

5 starHenry’s is the BEST!!!! We put it on everything. Especially ice cream. Well done Henry, well done. Signed ~ Honey Happy in Alaska.

Matthew Martin 5 starGot a jar of “Phoebe’s Fireball” from my mother-in-law Susan Berentson. Amazing stuff! I love chipotle and sweet things, and this stuff was the perfect combination. Great job guys!

Katie Mower

5 star

My husband and I like to cook a lot. We mix up our own marinades and it always includes honey. We have a 2 year old daughter and a 4 year old son, so balancing flavors and heat can be tricky. My husband, my daughter, and I like spicy food. My son is not a fan. We have tried three of the four honey flavors so far on pork and chicken. We simply glazed the meat at the end of grilling. We LOVED it! My kids LOVED it. This is high praise! My daughter even liked Diabolical Dad. Phoebe’s Fireball is the honey we haven’t tried yet, but I’ll be using it this week.

We loved this product so much I made a purchase last week for a family member as a thank you for hosting us. We are looking forward to hearing what they think. We will also purchase some for other family for upcoming birthdays. I love the recipe link and will be trying some of those in the future. We will be purchasing more for ourselves in the future.

Andrea Sarrett Chionsini 5 starI received Henry’s Humdingers honey as a gift. It is really great! There are a lot of recipes on their website – tried the Mojave Mustard Chicken and loved it! I will be ordering more honey in the near future.

Katie Time 5 starAwesome honey, awesome guests! I’ll be putting Naughy Nana on everything.

Edward Moore 5 starIn a new health driven culinary world, it is only natural to add such a convenient premade product to the serious home chef’s pantry. Maybe someone at the Food Network could put this spiced honey into the Chopped program mystery foods basket.

The BEST !!!!

Posted by cindarelly 08-08-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5

I ordered these some time ago and actually forgot about them until this evening. I opened a jar and spread some on a cracker just to see what it would taste like. Oh my gosh!! It was absolutely delicious! I cannot wait to try the other flavors. I think they will be fantastic especially for glazing chicken or making barbecue sauce for grilling. I am so impressed with how flavorful this honey is! I hope QVC will continue to carry this as I intend on buying more in the future! Wonderful product!


Posted by paulanj 07-04-15
5 out of 5

This honey is amazing! The honey was very well packaged and arrived safe and sound. The size of the jars that you receive are much larger than the jars available in the grocery store. I made the meatloaf recipe from the booklet that was included with the honey and it was delicious! It had a little kick to it and was very moist. I will definitely make the meatloaf recipe again and will definitely purchase the honey again. Thanks, Henry!

Marie Kelichner McCormack

5 starI LOVE spicy food and I LOVE honey so the two of them combined is fantastic. I eat it by the spoonful and also add it my food to give it a little extra flavor. They would also make great gifts. I’m very proud of this young man, he’s going to go far and I can’t wait until he develops some new flavors!!!

Jamie Clark

5 starMy dad LOVES his savory raw honey! We got the 4 pack for him for Father’s Day. He put the Phoebe’s Fireball on his biscuit and it was delicious! He can’t wait to create amazing dishes using the rest of the raw honey!

Unique Gift!

Posted by drumgirl 07-03-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5

I received Henry’s Humdingers honey as a gift and I was pleasantly surprised. I have never had flavored honey before, but regularly use plain honey in my tea. I already baked chicken with one flavor and drizzled another over vanilla ice cream. Both were delicious! Plus the unflavored honey is better than the brand I’ve been buying. I will definitely reorder this product for myself, and I will give it to others for a unique gift. What a great find!

Marisa Fox

5 starAll 4 flavors are yummy! Just made the stir fry recipe from your site and it was delicious!!!

Adam Deutsch

5 starExcellent product. Very happy I live where there’s a Wegmans. Great job on Shark Tank Henry!

Great for cooking

Posted by sillykiss 07-01-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5

I ordered this honey in support of this young entrepreneur not knowing if I would like it. Well I have tried 3 of the flavors and they are delicious . Still waiting to try the Nudie Cutie with my tea. The savory honeys are very good with chicken and shrimp., as well as vegetables. I will be reordering.

Great find!

Posted by Shannon from Florida 07-01-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5

I’ve never gotten on a company’s website and written a review before but I felt like i needed to in this case because I was so impressed with this product. I’ve never seen anything like it in the grocery store – it’s unique and so simple to snazz up a Ho-Hum dinner. I poured some Grumpy Grandpa on some chicken breasts and baked it in the oven. My husband loved it! I also used the Hanky Panky by pouring it on a block of cream cheese and gave it to my kids with Graham crackers. It was such a quick and easy snack. Thank you, Henry, for giving me some new ideas in the kitchen!

Henry Does it Again!!

Posted by Marie Mc 06-29-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5

Ordered the 4 jars from QVC, couldn’t wait to try Henry’s new flavors of his delicious honey. They arrived today and I was NOT disappointed. Originally saw him on Shark Tank and ordered his special from there and fell in love. I’ve got my husband now eating raw honey so now we can buy it directly from Henry along with his other flavors. Still can’t decide which one I like the best but I do know one thing….. I’m a fan for life!!!!

Universal Condiment – Perfect for Everything!

Posted by leroberts87 06-22-15

Overall Rating
5 out of 5
I’ve been using Henry’s Humdinger honey for a while now. Henry captivated me on Shark Tank a while back and I thought, “I like honey. Let’s try some spiced up!”. I loved it! It’s so tasty and so easy to use for cooking and snacking. Naughty Nana is the ginger and pepper flavor. It’s so perfect for cheese, crackers, and fruit. Grumpy Grandpa is great for a salmon glaze. Just drizzle some honey over the top and it’s good to go! I just ordered this new pack and am so excited to try the Hanky Panky flavor with nutmeg. It sounds delicious! Glad to see you soaring, Henry! You’re quite an amazing young entrepreneur.